About The Author Incubator

A powerful publishing and mentorship platform designed to help prospective nonfiction authors in the business, spiritual, self-help, and personal growth spaces, The Author Incubator helps its authors overcome their writing fears and develop the techniques required to ensure the people who need their help can receive it. Named one of the Top 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine, The Author Incubator has helped authors make larger impacts on the world, generating millions of dollars in revenue for its writers while helping them bring their insights and advice to thousands of people across the globe.

To provide additional aid to its authors-in-transformation, The Author Incubator has created two podcasts. The first, Page Up, confronts a range of topics that hold authors back, such as developing marketing plans, defeating writer’s block, and the legal issues surrounding book publishing. Book Journeys Radio, on the other hand, offers insight into the work of a number of nonfiction authors via interviews with Dr. Angela Lauria.